Marketers trialing Threads say it comes at the expense of Instagram, and Facebook.

Marketers trialing Threads say it comes at the expense of Instagram, and Facebook.

In this era of social media, the recently launched Thread has made a huge impact on 100 million people. With the huge number of sign-ups, it caught the attention of numerous companies, several marketing agencies, and industry experts. Therefore, marketers indicated that Tread comes with the price of Facebook and Instagram. Let’s dive briefly into it!

Threads’ Impact on Other Platforms

Marketers have signaled their intent to boost spending on social media throughout this year. However, navigating budget allocation within a landscape that’s becoming progressively fragmented has introduced new layers of challenge. A substantial portion of discussions in this realm has been instigated by Twitter’s rebranding as X—an advancement towards Musk’s aspiration of creating an encompassing “everything app.” Moreover, Meta’s Threads entered the scene in July as a direct competitor to X, adding another dimension to the evolving landscape. Capitalizing on X’s vulnerabilities, other platforms like TikTok have also adapted by experimenting with text-only posts, a significant departure from its conventional short-form video focus.

While delving into these fresh opportunities, Capterra’s survey sheds light on some reservations among marketers. The survey highlights that, while most marketers intend to give Meta’s X alternative a try, they share concerns about its potential contribution to fragmentation. This, in turn, might pose potential drawbacks for Meta’s well-established platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Conducted in July, shortly after Threads’ introduction, the research also reveals that marketers underline the need for robust success indicators from emerging platforms like Threads to convince them to issue a more considerable part of their budgets.

“Embracing experimentation with new social media platforms is certainly encouraged, but it’s crucial to avoid excessive commitments,” stated Meghan Bazaman, Senior Marketing Analyst at Capterra. “Marketers should carefully evaluate whether they hold the resources to effectively control an extra platform. Moreover, it’s essential to assess the app’s commitment to safety and security, as well as whether it offers indispensable capabilities or features.”

Among the marketers inclined to engage with Threads, 52% express their motivation stems from the potential for improved user safety and security—an aspect that remains a point of concern with X. Threads swiftly demonstrated its promise to marketers upon its launch, emerging as the fastest app to amass 100 million users, although engagement faced a decline shortly thereafter. In the pursuit of enhancing the service, Meta has been consistently expanding its offerings, with the latest announcement being the rollout of a web version.

On the flip side, X remains entangled in challenges, marked by an ongoing departure of advertisers that have persisted despite the appointment of advertising expert Linda Yaccarino as CEO in May. Interestingly, among the 3,100 brands that advertised on X in May, the month Yaccarino assumed her role, 34% opted not to continue their engagement in June, as highlighted by a MediaRadar analysis.

Among the marketers surveyed by Capterra, the majority have sought alternatives in the wake of Musk’s takeover. However, it’s noteworthy that 35% of those who had temporarily halted advertising on X have already resumed their previous levels of activity. Additionally, 43% affirmed that their company had never halted or suspended ads, potentially indicating that a considerable number of brands continue to perceive value in the platform.

Navigating through a multitude of choices, 40% of marketers reveal that they are inclined to explore new platforms only when they witness their competitors achieving success through marketing on them, as outlined by Capterra. Notably, the leading priority for marketers when it comes to investing in fresh platforms is the potential to effectively engage with their target consumers, accounting for 40%.

While certain emerging platforms capture a significant portion of marketer attention, others—specifically decentralized platforms like Mastodon, Post, and Bluesky—lag in terms of adoption when compared to their more established counterparts. Additionally, these platforms present intricacies associated with establishing and utilizing accounts. Interestingly, findings from Capterra indicate that 61% of marketers who initially embraced Mastodon following Musk’s takeover of X have since discontinued their use of the platform.

Well, for those who are not aware of Threads let me explain it for you.

Thread: Why it is the Talk of Town?

Meta introduced Threads, a text-based social media application, in July 2023. Within Threads, users can share posts that extend up to 500 characters in length. These posts can be enriched with links, images, and videos that span up to 5 minutes. Users also have the option to engage with posts by creating a conversational “thread.”

Currently, Threads is exclusively accessible to Instagram users utilizing iOS or Android devices in 100 countries. However, the potential for expansion is on the horizon, including the prospect of Threads being accessible through desktop web browsers and in more regions.

For those seeking to grasp how Threads functions, it’s common to draw parallels with Twitter due to the similar setup and structure.

Meta has even taken a recent step by introducing a “following feed,” mirroring the concept seen on Twitter (now referred to as X). This enhancement empowers users to exclusively view posts from the accounts they follow, streamlining their content consumption experience.

Should Your Business be on Thread?

Given the fluctuations in the user base of Instagram Threads, you might be wondering if it’s worthwhile for your business to establish a presence there.

The answer, in a nutshell, is affirmative. Maximizing your business’s online visibility and ensuring easy discoverability of your brand is crucial. Maintaining updated business listings, active social media profiles and a robust web presence collectively bolster your brand’s reputation. Moreover, joining Instagram Threads doesn’t entail any costs that would dent your marketing budget.

Consider this perspective: If a potential customer seeks your business on Threads, it’s far better to be present than absent. Additionally, setting up an Instagram Threads account is a swift and straightforward process (more details coming up).

However, as with any marketing decision, there’s no definitive right or wrong answer that universally fits every business. Engaging with a new platform requires thoughtful consideration of your resources. If you cannot adequately manage another account, it’s important not to stretch yourself thin. For instance, if your business’s Instagram presence isn’t robust, focusing on enhancing it might be a more prudent step before venturing into Threads.


In the realm of exploring Threads, marketers have voiced concerns about the potential trade-off it brings, impacting both Instagram and Facebook. As businesses grapple with this delicate balancing act, the decision to embrace Threads or not is laden with considerations.

While some see it as an opportunity to extend their brand’s reach and engagement, others recognize the need to maintain a strong footing on existing platforms. In this evolving landscape, the choice to engage with Threads, like any strategic marketing move, is a nuanced one, requiring a thorough understanding of one’s brand, resources, and long-term goals.

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